HARD NUTS return with on-site activities

HARD NUTS The live game season has begun!

In 2019, HARD NUTs brought together several thousand participants. After a break in Covid-19, we are finally given the "green light" to resume face-to-face events.


How do HARD NUTs play live? 

The game can be attended by a team of 2 to 4 people. You have to think of a team name and register the team in the section - ATTENDANCE events.

Five different games or rounds of play will be played in one tournament or season. We will end the season with the BIG FINAL, where the most productive teams will get the right to participate.

Participants may attend all five games or, at their option, join only one individual game in the middle of the tournament.  

One game includes eight rounds of questions and additional tasks. Answers are submitted in writing. The most successful teams in each game are awarded.

The game has a free atmosphere, and during the game, participants can order drinks, snacks, food.

Actors Mārtiņš Počs, Raivis Mediss and musician Horens Stalbe will take care of the well-being and fun of the participants.



Frequently asked questions


Q: Is the game suitable for children? 

A: Yes, our games are often attended by families with children. At the same time, parents should be aware that loud music is played during the game, and many of the questions may not correspond to the level of knowledge of young children. 


Q: Can I attend the first round game both in Riga and, for example, in Ogre?

A: No! One round game is played several times both in Riga and other cities of Latvia. Whether you have attended a particular game can be identified by the game sequence number shown in the game description, or it can be ascertained by writing to the HARD NUTS team. 


Q: Do answers have to be called out loud?

A: No, the answers are submitted on the prepared answer sheets.


Q: Can I bring my drinks and snacks to the game?

A: No. Each game takes place in one of the Latvian cafes or restaurants, and during the game it is possible to buy both drinks and snacks (elsewhere also hot dishes).


Q: Can members of my team change from game to game?

A: Yes! Save the team name and keep track of the number of participants!


Q: Can I change my team name in the middle of the season while saving the team results?

A: Yes, it is allowed. In this case, the HARD NUT team must be notified in writing.