Finalists of the LATVIAN WORLD TOURNAMENT tournament

The finalists of the "Latvians in the World" tournament have been announced!

The final game will take place on November 28 at 14:00 Latvian time, online.

The teams “Protu Protu” and “Bergi” from Ireland, “Liepiņš” and “Cietās Zīles” from Austria, “Salento wives” from Italy, “Truffles”, “Praktiskie latvieši” and “Vestfoldas četrinieks” from Norway, “Kazas” will take part in the finals. Booties ”and“ London Chestnuts ”from Great Britain,“ Northern Lightning ”from Sweden,“ Black Worms ”from Germany,“ Cep4 ”from Belgium,“ Grandparents ”from the USA,“ Prague Nutcrackers ”from the Czech Republic,“ Pohjoismaa ”from Finland and“ Perfukio ”from the Netherlands.

We also invite fans to prepare for proper team support!

The final game will be hosted by Nauris Seisums, but the guest of the studio will be the poet Kārlis Vērdiņš.

See you in the final!