Results of the fourth game

Thanks to everyone for participating! The fourth game was attended by 49 teams from around the world.

Taking into account that the maximum number of points (30 points) was obtained for several teams, the winners were determined with the help of the jury, evaluating the creative task - a photo or drawing entitled "HARD NUTS - FOR LATVIANS IN THE WORLD".

This time the jury has decided to award four teams: LIEPIŅŠ (Austria), VESTFOLDAS ČETRINIEKS (Norway), SALENTO SIEVAS (Italy), MIKUTI (Moldova). Congratulations on your victory!

The prize will be won by the team - SPICBAKI (Great Britain).

Many thanks to all participants for their participation and creative approach to the creative task! Dear thanks also for your sincere feedback!

The final game - already on November 28, but until then we invite you to participate in the fifth game.

Have a great, beautiful this week! :)