We invite you to participate in the tournament           

What is the title of this song: "anaM amseizd"? What is a scooter called in Latvian? Which animal is barking? Such and similar issues are included in the mind game of diaspora teams, in which we invite the participation of diaspora youth teams, families and friends, diaspora choirs and dance groups, as well as other interested parties whose home country is outside Latvia. Brainstorming questions are suitable for both young people and adults, but especially for curious, adventurous and fun Latvians all over the world! 

How to play?

  1. Create a team of 3-5 members.
  2. Think of a team name.
  3. Register a team, watch a game recording at your convenience and submit your answers! Team registration takes place before the start of each game in the sections: "First Game", "Second Game", "Third Game", "Fourth Game", "Fifth Game".
  4. Answers for each game can be submitted once.
  5. In each game, the team answers 30 diverse questions about Latvia's nature, sports, culture, people, as well as performs a creative task.
  6. The obtained team result is published in the RESULTS section.
  7. There will be five brain games in total. Each game lasts one week. The team decides whether to play one game or participate in all five games.
  8. The top ten teams will advance to the final. The final will take place live on November 28.
  9. The best and most successful winners of each game, as well as the winners of the final game, will receive valuable prizes!


Just so convenient and simple - a fun evening, new knowledge and the best come to the prizes! 

The answers to the first game will be available from October 19 to 25. 


The game tournament is organized by the Latvian Language Agency in cooperation with the mind game brand HARD NUTS. The Latvian Language Agency is a direct administrative institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Science, the aim of which is to promote the strengthening and sustainable development of the status of the Latvian language - the state language of the Republic of Latvia and the official language of the European Union. One of the tasks of the Latvian Language Agency is to provide support to the Latvian diaspora abroad in learning and preserving the Latvian language.